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Contact Erin Mudie for more information

214-705-8200 EMudie@NtxCares.org


North Texas Cares Volunteer Opportunities Fall 2013

Clinic Greeter/Registration:

  • -­‐ Greets patients in a friendly and welcoming manner.
  • -­‐ Educate new patients about clinic services.
  • -­‐ Handles walk in donations and provide tax receipts.
  • -­‐ Provides appropriate paperwork for patients and ensures completed.
  • -­‐ Collects documentation for proof of residency.
  • -­‐ Compiles patient file to give to intake nurse.
  • -­‐ Balances records with cash collected and the end of shift and prepares deposit.

Medical Data Entry:

  • -­‐  Enters patient information.
  • -­‐  Enters doctor’s notes, prescriptions, prognosis, and diagnostics into patient record.

Spanish Translator:

  • -­‐ Assists Spanish speaking patients with communication and provides patient education.

Intake Nurse:

  • -­‐  Responsible for assessing vital signs, collecting health history, and documenting current symptoms for doctor’s review.
  • -­‐  Sterilizes area at the end of the shift and assists with waiting room sterilization if necessary.
  • -­‐  Assists with trash collection at the end of the night.

Clinic Nurse:

  • -­‐  Administers vaccinations, draws blood, assists the doctor, finalizes patient files.
  • -­‐  Ensures patient comfort and provides patient education.
  • -­‐  Sterilizes exam rooms after each patient visit.

Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners:

  • -­‐ Provides acute care to children and adults.

Community Volunteers:

  • -­‐ Represents the NTX Cares Clinic at community events and helps to inform citizens about NTX Cares Services.

Grant Writers:

  • -­‐ Finds and writes appropriate grants for NTX Cares and NTX Cares programs.


  • -­‐ Assists with raising funds and promoting events such as the golf tournament and supply drives.

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